For those who face the challenges associated with hearing issues, the classroom can sometimes be a difficult place. Yet when students have assistance, such as that provided by the amazing folks at Northwest CART + Captioning Services, those challenges simply wash away. As a student and as a teacher, my entire life changed when I started using real-time captioning services. I no longer felt removed from the overall classroom experience, but instead felt like I could be a part of it. And quite simply, without the captioning services, I could never have been a teacher. I was able to have cochlear implant surgery, and thus no longer need the services. But I can honestly say that without Northwest CART + Captioning services, I never would have made it through my educational journey, and I certainly would not be in the phenomenal place I am today. Quite literally, they were life savers and I will be forever grateful.

Tom Stevenson

My experience with Northwest CART + Captioning has been exceptional! They are kind, open-minded, compassionate, and will meet your needs with live realtime captions with 100% effort. I wish I had them growing up in both my middle school and high school years. NWCC was willing to work with me, identify, and understand my needs in my college classes. They’ve exceeded my expectations and I’m so grateful to have this superior company in my life.

Kristina Porter

I have had the fortunate opportunity to utilize the services of Northwest CART + Captioning over the past several years. I will say that the one thing that all of the realtime captioning employees exhibit is professionalism. They are, without a doubt, the most dedicated group of people who are driven to ensure their client’s success. These individuals will do whatever it takes to ensure that the clients have all of the tools needed in the classroom to be successful. I have special needs and NWCC has accommodated me quite well. Each of these providers would set up their PC for my needs by enlarging the fonts, change background colors, and send me the transcripts with the large fonts. I have come to expect a lot from NWCC and they have time and time again, delivered. There is no question that NWCC is one of the reasons I was successful in getting my Bachelor’s degree. I am now working towards my Master’s, and I expect that our continued partnership will be just as successful as it has been over the past several years. Thanks again, Northwest CART + Captioning!

Terry Blosser and Bryson (my most trusted Guide Dog)